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Nursing jobs and recruitment across Scotland

RMR has an unrivalled range of nursing jobs in Scotland. Because we take the time to listen to our Nurses and understand what they want, we’re able to provide flexible jobs for Nurses in some of the most sought-after healthcare settings in the country.

Find nursing jobs for a diverse range of specialties, including general, ITU, theatres, A&E, medical and surgical vacancies.

What is a nurse?

Forming the largest staff roster in the NHS, Nurses are an essential part of both the patient care team and the wider healthcare system. With a wide range of nursing jobs available in multiple working environments, Nurses can be found not only as part of the on-site care team but also a vital part of the medical team in accident & emergency or surgical departments.

In the past, a diploma would have been a sufficient qualification for taking on a nursing job, but these days, you need to have a relevant university degree and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

What hours do Nurses work?

Despite working long hours, there is room for flexibility within a nursing career. Some Nurses prefer the security of a permanent, full-time role, which offers contracted hours and pay, plus certain benefits, like holiday allowance and maternity/paternity leave. Others are attracted to the more flexible approach to a career in nursing, which involves agency (or locum) shifts. Nurses can pick when and where they work, allowing more time for a busy lifestyle.

What does a nurse earn?

As with many healthcare professions, nurse jobs will pay differently depending on the NHS Band or the individual’s level of experience. The highest paid nursing positions can pay upwards of £95,000 per annum. A newly qualified registered nurse will typically start on around £21,000 per year.

Agency nursing jobs

The prospect of being your own boss and working as and when you please can be appealing to lots of healthcare professionals, especially Nurses. With an ever-growing demand for experienced Nurses in hospitals, the agency route is an excellent career choice. Why? Not only will you benefit from a more flexible lifestyle, you’ll also experience an exciting number of working environments and meet plenty of people along the way. Gaining more experience as an agency nurse is typically a great way to build your prospects if you’re considering a permanent position in the future.

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