Training Compliance Protocol

At RMR, we strive to provide high-calibre staff members to our clients and continually aim to ensure staff working for us are compliant and trained appropriately.

Training is a vital component of our service and support mechanism for staff members and assists RMR to provide a quality service to our clients and residents who live in services in which our staff work.

Each individual nurse and HCA registrant working with RMR has a responsibility to ensure their training is up to date and, therefore, compliant. This policy document sets out and clarifies the expectations for registrants from the company’s perspective with regard to training compliance.

Failure to adhere to the timescales set out within this document will result in the individual registrant being made unavailable for work on our booking system. Each registrant will remain unavailable to work on our system until the company is satisfied that they have completed the courses identified by the company as out of date. They will then be made available on our system and be able to be booked into shifts.

If a registrant has a confirmed booking on a mandatory course (or a course as required as part of any other external process, i.e. Medication error response), this booking can only be cancelled for booking on to a shift with prior approval of a Nursing Manager or Head of Operations.

If a registrant is required to be booked on to a mandatory training course and none are free or available within permitted timescales, additional time will be permitted to be completed at the discretion of the clinical governance team and/or head of operations.

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Price & Payment

All candidates booking on to Training will receive a payment invoice with clear payment details. This must be paid prior to attending training.

All fees must be paid prior to the Candidate being provided with Training Services. If payment is not made prior to the date on which the Training Services are due to take place, then Robinson Medical Recruitment, at its sole discretion, shall decide if the candidate will attend the training.

All bookings will be paid via invoice or online banking.

Should the Candidate fail to make payment of any sum due in accordance with the provision of Training or payment be late for any reason, Robinson Medical Recruitment shall, in its sole discretion, reserve the right to charge interest on all outstanding amounts (this will be based on the charges set by the banking service).

Refunds will only be provided as per the terms below.


The Purchaser shall be subject to the following cancellation provisions:

Cancellation Period Before Course Start

Percentage of Fee to be Refunded

14 days +


7 – 13 days


0 – 6 days


Cancellation must be made by emailing Alan Thorburn at or No other method of cancellation will be deemed to be accepted. If a cancellation is created, it will be at the discretion of the training team, and a discussion will occur between the trainer and the candidate.

Compliance Process

  1. A report will be produced a month in advance from the staff plan system, identifying the individual registrants and courses due to expire the following month. The report will be circulated to the team monthly.
  2. Each registrant will be contacted by phone/e-mail to inform them of the courses (Learn Pro and/or Practical) that are due to expire. A follow-up email will be sent, and all correspondence/contact will be logged on the Staff Plan system. Learnpro log in details will be confirmed and dates of practical training available will be communicated and training booked if possible on initial phone call and if required via email.
  3. Each registrant will receive a weekly follow-up phone call and email to ensure they are aware of the non-compliant training and to update the company with regard to progress.
  4. A weekly check of the Learnpro system will be made to monitor progress.
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Compliance Timescales

Online/Learnpro Modules – Two weeks (14 Calendar days) from the date of expiry of modules will be allowed for each registrant to complete the modules identified and to remain compliant and available to work with RMR.

Mandatory Training – One month (28 Calendar days) from the date of expiry will be allowed for each registrant to complete the courses identified and to remain compliant and available to work with RMR.

In the absence of extenuating circumstances, should a registrant fail to adhere to timescales and terms outlined within this document, a termination letter and P45 will be issued, and any holiday monies accrued will be paid as per normal pay cycle.