#RMRFridayFeels - David

28 Feb 2020

Name: David Rennie
Team: Marketing
Office: Edinburgh and Glasgow

Do you prefer crisps or chocolate?

It’s got to be crisps for me. I could eat mountains of crisps but would find too much chocolate sickly.

What's your most used emoji?

I’m known for being cheeky or sarcastic so adding a 😂 to my text messages keeps me out of trouble…most of the time.

What’s a fact about you that no one would know?

I’ve had an Alaskan Mountain Rescue helicopter scrambled to find me.

Can you pick a favourite movie (or movies)?

I can only narrow it down to two movies, “Bad Boys 2” or “Any Given Sunday”.

How would you spend a million pounds in under a month?

I’d do the boring thing of clearing our mortgage and any debt, doing the same for my parents, sister, and in-laws. I’d take my wife and kids on a few holidays of their choice and cross my fingers that I’m allowed to buy a motorbike with the left-over cash.

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

I’m going to choose “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. The lyrics are pretty easy and it was the first dance at my wedding so Wifey will be chuffed with my choice.

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