Frequently asked questions

17 Jun 2019

A handy guide to working with RMR

Here at RMR, we’re asked a lot of questions about what’s it like to work as part of our team of healthcare professionals. That’s why we decided to write this handy guide, covering our most frequently asked questions.

Registering with us

How long does it take to sign up with RMR?
Our registration process is very simple and can be completed within a couple of weeks. The sooner you can send in your completed documents, the sooner we can get you working.

Do you provide a uniform and badge?
We’ll provide you with your first uniform and ID badge when you complete your registration with RMR. Additional uniforms can be purchased from the Recruitment Team for £20 (tunic) and £8 (trousers).

Do you provide training?
We do! All RMR staff have access to mandatory and specialist practical online training, specific to their role. With more than 20 courses, we’ve got healthcare professionals covered!

Getting Paid

What are your pay rates?
RMR provides one of the highest pay rates in Scotland, whilst keeping our charges to clients low. Our pay rates vary depending on the care setting you work in and the day/shift that you work. All pay rates are confirmed with you before booking any shifts.

How do I get paid?
All RMR workers are paid PAYE (Pay as You Earn), so there’s no need to set up an umbrella company or limited company.

Do I get paid weekly or monthly?
We pay our staff on a weekly basis.

How do I submit my timesheets?
We have a handy mobile app for completing your timesheets. Say goodbye to unnecessary pieces of paper and relying on Royal Mail to get them delivered; simply complete your timesheet directly from your phone and carry on with your day.

No access to a smart phone? Don’t worry, we can still send paper timesheets if you need them!

Do I earn holiday pay?
Our payrates are inclusive of holiday pay, so you’ll earn it as you work. Don’t forget, if you need some extra cash, you can always claim your accrued holiday pay!

Working with RMR

How do I book shifts?
Your RMR Co-ordinator will be in regular contact to offer you shifts that suit your availability, experience level and personal preferences. We’ll also give you regular updates on shifts that you may be interested in.

Do I need to work every week?
No. We understand that some people use agency work to top up their income, whilst others use RMR as their sole employer. Whichever way you choose to work, we’ll give you the flexibility to work around your lifestyle. However, we do ask that you work a minimum of two shifts per month to keep your experience relevant.

Do I have to stick to specific working patterns?
No. The benefit of working with RMR is that you can choose to work at times that suit you. So, whether you want a full week’s work or part-time work, dayshifts or nightshifts, we can help you find it. No need to miss that piano recital or school play!

What specialties can I work in?
At RMR, we stick to what we know best – recruiting outstanding clinical staff into unrivalled healthcare jobs throughout Scotland’s public and private sectors.

The specialties we supply for include:

  • Residential and domiciliary care
  • Autism services
  • Medical and surgical wards
  • Theatre and recovery
  • Prisons

What are your office hours?
Our standard office hours are between 8am and 6pm, 7 days a week. We also offer an operational and clinical out-of-hours service 24/7 to support you whenever you need us.

What happens if I can’t work a shift?
You’re only human! We understand that things come up, so if you’re unable to attend your shift, we ask for as much notice as possible, giving us enough time to find suitable cover.

All shift cancellations will be followed up by our Co-ordinators or Clinical Team. Whilst we understand that some cancellations cannot be avoided, frequent cancellations or failure to attend shifts without notice will affect the care we provide to service users and may result in further investigation.

Love the sound of working with RMR?
We love to welcome new healthcare professionals to our ever-growing workforce of outstanding staff. We’d be thrilled to discuss taking the next steps with you and help you find healthcare jobs in your local area.

Contact our teams in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London today – we look forward to hearing from you!