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Christina Bonar

Christina Bonar

Ward Nurse

Say hello to Christina, an RMR Nurse from Milngavie who enjoys walking, travel, and the flexibility of being an agency nurse.

How many years have you been nursing?

I’ve been nursing for 35 years. After working in an office for a year I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. I’ve worked in a range of different specialties, but really enjoyed surgical work and I’ve worked in surgical wards for the last 25 years.

Had you worked with an agency before joining RMR?

I had worked with a few agencies on and off, but I didn’t think that working full-time with an agency was a viable option. Before I joined RMR in April 2016 I had been working with colleagues who worked through the agency and hearing their stories about how they managed their own time planted the seed in my mind.

What’s it like working for RMR?

I’ve never looked back since joining. I absolutely love it. I get on really well with the office team and my Co-ordinator knows exactly what I like. I love travelling, seeing new places, and working with RMR has been great as I’ve been able to work in so many different locations. The first time Mags called me to offer work in Jersey I jumped at the chance. I’ve been to Jersey and Oban regularly over the last two years and feel like part of their teams. I’ve even been to the Outer Hebrides which was gorgeous.

What are the key benefits of working with RMR?

For me the key benefit is flexibility. Before joining RMR I’d been working longer hours and forced to juggle work around my children and caring for my elderly parents. Now I can work 3-4 days that suit me and still be there for those that rely on me.

Combining a job that I love with my love of travel is also a major factor for me. I can choose to go to Jersey for one week at a time, while others choose to take six-week placements. I can work in different locations and learn from other people.

Outside of work how do you spend your time?

I love walking and travelling. The flexibility that working with RMR brings has allowed me to go on some amazing holidays to places such as Bali and Singapore. I’m no longer restricted to taking set amounts of annual leave on specific dates.

What advice would you give someone considering working for RMR?

It can be daunting to leave the safety of confirmed rotas, but you can learn so much by exploring different care settings. Make sure that the timing is right for you and have confidence in yourself that you’ve made the right choice.

RMR is recruiting for nursing and healthcare positions across Scotland. If you’d like to find out more simply contact us or call your nearest office on 0141 473 5620 or 0131 226 9670.

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